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Why should you report?

To effectively fight crime, we need citizen participation. Reporting crime is a right and and obligation for all citizens. Through reports, authorities know of criminal actions and are able to being investigations, prosecute and establish sanctions against those responsible. Reporting a crime also allows authorities to identify patterns and create strategies for fighting crime that are truly effective, thus protecting society.

Center for Alternative Justice

What is alternative justice?

The Center for Alternative Justice is a specialized area of the Attorney General’s Office whose task is to create solutions to criminal conflicts, according to law, involving the parties in alternative methods, provided they are willing and proactive. These methods include mediation, conciliation and negotiation; restorative justice is also applied.


How does the CAJ work?

Social and Legal Counsel

The General Office for Social Counseling and Victim Support is the area of the Attorney General’s Office in charge of supporting the victim or aggrieved, as well as citizens of lower means, judicial counsel, representation and judicial sponsor in criminal, civil, family, commercial, administrative, agrarian and rights laws.

Victim Support

If you are a victim of crime, these are some of the services we offer. Please get in touch with us to learn more about them.

  • Support in human communication;
  • Psychological support;
  • Self-help groups for women;
  • Reflection groups for women;
  • Play center;
  • Puppet theater play; and
  • Writing workshop for women.


Anonymous reports

You can send us your report via e-mail to

Please include the following information:


Here you can find all the information about the Attorney General's Office for the state of Morelos, including the services that we offer, how to file a report if you are a victim of crime, our campaigns, and more.